Building Futures at Gleeson College

15 Sep 2020

The Doorways to Construction (D2C) Course is a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Course that aims to support students in guiding them on a chosen career path within the Building and Construction Industry.  It aims to not only provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop trade-specific skills and techniques but to also allow students to gain a better understanding of the industry, the WHS practices required, and the attitudes and attributes required to be a successful entry-level worker.

Currently, the D2C group is working on its year-long practical task that simulates the process of residential construction.  Students have worked to create and level a floor frame/floating deck upon which they have assembled and erected a Maxispan Steel Frame kit which is a smaller version of a real steel-framed home.  Currently students have been working through a range of bricklaying tasks to develop their understanding of the terms plumb, level, aligned, and gauge. From here the students will be developing skills in timber framing to construct timber-framed kits of a similar size before moving onto other trades areas that following the sequence of residential construction.


Adrian Ranieri, Technologies Learning Area Leader

Gleeson College